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Varanasi Tour Package Cost from Delhi Inclusive - Train Ticket, Transportation / Hotel (Extra Pay Guide - Rs.1500 to 2500)

Tour  Train / Cab / Hotel Destination Price(INR)
3 Days 4 Night 3rd Ac / Dzire / 3 Star Delhi
Rs. 20,000
2 Person
3 Days 4 Night 3rd Ac / Innova / 3 Star Delhi
Rs. 36,000
4 Person
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Cab Pickup Location Airport, Railway and Hotel
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If you are watching for a memorable Varanasi Trip, holiday packages are your finest choice. proposes an extensive variety of customizable Varanasi Tour from Delhi to suit every kind of visitor. Discover different tour packages to Varanasi with unbeatable discounts and deals. Travel the prime Varanasi sightseeing points with the assortment of empirical tours and activities tangled in Varanasi Tour from Delhi Packages.

Plan your tour with to Varanasi and embark on a journey of spiritual emerging and self-image with your friends, family, or by yourself. Take a tour of the wonderful Varanasi and experience the revered land of Ayodhya and its mysticism that has been confirmed for centuries. Book Varanasi Tour Packages from Delhi to make fairylike memories that will stay with you persistently.

Package Duration 3 Days 4 Night
Package Itinerary

Day 01: Departure with Train From New Delhi Railway Station

We will departure from New Delhi with train (shiv ganga exp or swatantrata exp or bsbs sf express) at evening and It will take time about 10-12 Hrs.

Day 02: Varanasi Arrival and Varanasi Local Sightseeing*

Bihartrip guide / cab driver will receive you at Varanasi Railway Station and leave at your hotel.

  • After sometime rest we take breakfast at hotel.
  • Banaras Hindu University - In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, there is a public central university called Banaras Hindu University (BHU). The 1,250-acre BHU campus is home to various faculties, departments, and research centres in addition to a number of museums, art galleries, and theatres. There are more than 1.55 million books, periodicals, and other resources in the university's sizable library.
  • After Visted BHU We take tasty lunch at Varanasi's street. This package is perfect for foodies who want to explore the local cuisine of Varanasi. It includes visits to local food markets, cooking classes, and tastings of local delicacies like chaat, lassi, and sweets.
  • After took lunch we visit Durga Kund mmandir, Mansa mandir and Hanuman mmandir, Manikarnika Ghat, and we will ride with boat from Assi Ghat ganga river.
  • In day last we look evening aarti at 6:30 PM dashashwamedh ghat A group of Hindu priests execute the Ganga Aarti, a daily devotional ceremony, at the Dashashwamedh Ghat each evening. With the use of lamps, incense, flowers, and music, the aarti is a highly organised and sophisticated ceremony. Every evening, thousands of visitors and worshippers congregate at the ghat to see the aarti and make prayers to the Ganges.
  • Our guide leave at hotel at 8:30PM for Dinner.

Day 03: Varanasi and Sarnath Local Sightseeing*

  • In day start look morning ganga aarti dashashwamedh ghat, Together with the aarti, pilgrims and tourists frequent the Dashashwamedh Ghat for boat excursions on the Ganges, which provide sweeping views of the ghat and the nearby temples and structures. A lot of people also bathe in the river since Hinduism regards it as a sacred and purifying ritual. along the banks of the Ganges River, Dashashwamedh Ghat is among the most well-known and active ghats (riverfront steps). The ten horse sacrifices (dash-ashwamedh) that Lord Brahma made here in Hindu mythology are the source of the ghat's name.
  • Kashi Vishwanath Temple - It is situated in the sacred city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Lord Shiva, also known as Vishwanath or the "Lord of the Universe," is the object of worship at the temple.Hindus make several pilgrimages to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, which draws millions of followers each year from all over India and the rest of the world.
  • Sarnath is a tiny town in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, about 10 kilometres northeast of Varanasi. Since it is thought that Lord Buddha gave his first sermon there after achieving enlightenment, it is a significant Buddhist pilgrimage destination. The Dhamek Stupa, Chaukhandi Stupa, Ashoka Pillar, as well as a number of historic monasteries and temples, are among the significant Buddhist buildings and monuments found in Sarnath. In instance, the Dhamek Stupa, a large cylindrical structure that rises 43 metres above the ground, is thought to have been constructed in the third century BCE, during the reign of Emperor Ashoka.
  • Departure with Train (BSBS NDLS SFEXP or RAJDHANI EXP (20503) or SHIV GANGA EXP (12559)) From Varansi Jn to New Delhi Railway Station

Best Time to Visit Varanasi

The months of October, November, December, January, and February are measured as the best months and times to get a Varanasi tour from Delhi. February and March are spring seasons, so the weather remains moderately pleasant. It gets moderately cold when winters arrive, so this is also possibly the best time to discover Varanasi without being weary and suffering from the harsh summers. The average lowest temperature stays nearly 5 degrees Celsius, so if you're going from Delhi to Varanasi, you would be okay with the weather environments.

Best Places to Visit in Varanasi

We at try to cover most of the imperative places in our Varanasi tour from Delhi. We have 2 tours in our list from Delhi to Varanasi which includes train tickets, transportation/ hotel (Extra Pay Guide – Rs. 1500 to 2500).

  • 3 Days 4 Nights, costing Rs. 30,000 for 2 Persons and entails 3 rd Ac / Dzire / 3Star
  • 3 Days 4 Nights, costing Rs. 40,000 for 4 Persons and entails 3 rd Ac / Innova / 3 Star

Visit the Varanasi Temples:Varanasi is popular for its divine and spiritual aura. The auspicious city of Varanasi is filled with big and small beautiful temples at every corner. Visit some of these amazing temples and there is no entrance charge for the temple, but if you want to skip the long line, then certain temples have certain charges.

Ghats:Ghats are the most popular locations around Varanasi, and they are religious sights and different rituals are functioned at them. There are spiritual vibes all across the Ghats. Some of them are Dashashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Assi Ghat, Shivala Ghat, and many more.

New Vishwanath Temple:The New Vishwanath Temple is every righteous man’s go-to place to feel stunned by the presence and power of the prodigious Lord Shiva. Not only is it located in the heart of the artistic capital of India – Varanasi, but its spirituality is bourgeoned by the hallowed river Ganga that streams by its side. Banaras Hindu University is thus home to one of the greatest tourist lures around the city of Varanasi, the grand New Vishwanath Temple. The calm and peace of the beautiful temple aid you forget the distractions of daily life.

The Magic of Ganga Aarti:The remarkable sight of different priests holding brass lamps and the fragrance of the incense sticks cannot be replicated. You do not have to spend a penny to experience and capture on camera. Try to arrive before an hour the ritual begins in Dasaswamedh Ghat, which is part of the Delhi Varanasi Tour. You can also go for boat rides around the river, which costs nearly 50 INR per person.

Tulsi Manasa Temple:During 1964, it was constructed and dedicated to Lord Rama, and is named after the saint-poet Tulsi Das. It founds the Shikhara bravura of architecture and grants miscellaneous inscriptions from the Ram Charit Manas on the walls of the gorgeous temple. Diverse episodes of Ramayan have also been represented on the upper storey of the beautiful temple in the arrangement of carvings.

Tulsi Manasa Temple: During 1964, it was constructed and dedicated to Lord Rama, and is named after the saint-poet Tulsi Das. It founds the Shikhara bravura of architecture and grants miscellaneous inscriptions from the Ram Charit Manas on the walls of the gorgeous temple. Diverse episodes of Ramayan have also been represented on the upper storey of the beautiful temple in the arrangement of carvings.

Assi Ghat: Another name amongst the unmissable locations to visit in Varanasi is Assi Ghat. Frequented by college-goers and companions alike, this ghat proposes a amiable escape from the hustle and bustle of Varanasi’s muddled lanes. Pilgrims bathe in the sacred waters of River Assi and propose flowers to the Shivlinga before resting on the steps of the ghat.

Durga Temple: Situated close to the Durga Ghat on the bank of the River Ganga, the Durga Temple was constructed during the 18th century. It houses an imposing idol of Goddess Durga and is one of the prime temples around Varanasi. Manmandir Ghat: This historical yet beautiful ghat was constructed more than 400 years ago by Maharaja Man Singh. He also built a massive palace on the banks of the beautiful ghat, which is esteemed by numerous architects across the globe. The Jantar Mantar on the topmost enhances a scientific layer to the amazing ghat, which makes it stand out. Jam-crowded with Hindu mandirs, the stunning ghat is better known to be a paradise for Hindu deities’ worshippers.

Tulsi Ghat: Tulsi Ghat is an authoritative landmark where Tulsidas familiarized the sanctified variety of Ramcharitmanas and Tulsi Ghat should be one of the must-visit and attractive places in Varanasi for nearly 2 days. It stand apart from the other riverfronts is its antique legend and spiritual importance.

Sarnath: Prevalent by names such as Mrigadava and Isipatana, Sarnath is a distinguished pilgrimage location for Buddhists all over the globe. Supposed to be the first place Gautam Buddha went after attaining enlightenment to preach his teaching on Dharma, is this quiet, small, peaceful town. With diverse stupas constructed amidst luxurious green gardens, this city is prevalent for being the spot of India’s national emblem, the Ashoka pillar. Alamgir Mosque: On a list filled with beautiful temples, Alamgir mosque stands conceitedly as a representation of Muslims who have lived here for centuries. Celebrated for its implausible Islamic architecture, this mosque is exclusive in the fact that it is positioned at the banks of the Ganga. It is supposed that the Mughal Sultan Aurangzeb who was the great-grandchild of Akbar, built it.

Book Varanasi Tour from Delhi

So, book our Varanasi Tour Packages from Delhi and visit Varanasi to discover all the above-cited locations and provender your soul. We take individuals from Delhi to Varanasi by bus and several other modes of transportation. It takes nearly 13-15 hours to go from Delhi to Varanasi by bus.

Varanasi Tour Package From Delhi usually includes accommodation, transportation, and a local guide This package focuses on the city's famous ghats and includes a boat ride on the River Ganges, visits to the cremation ghats, and a visit to the famous Ramnagar Fort. This package is designed for travelers who want to experience the city's rich culture and history.

This package includes visits to the most important spiritual sites in Varanasi, such as the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Sarnath, and the ghats along the River Ganges. It may also include attending the daily Ganga Aarti ceremony and participating in a Ganges River boat ride This package includes visits to the city's most famous temples, including the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, and Durga Temple. It includes visits to museums, art galleries, and cultural centers, as well as a chance to sample the city's famous street food.

This package is designed for travelers who want to explore the spiritual side of the city. It includes yoga and meditation classes, visits to ashrams and temples, and a chance to participate in traditional Hindu rituals.This package is designed for those who want to experience the religious significance of Varanasi. This package is ideal for those who are interested in exploring the historical and cultural aspects of Varanasi. It includes visits to Ramnagar Fort, Banaras Hindu University, Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum, and other important historical sites in the city.The temple is situated close to the banks of the Ganges River in the centre of Varanasi's historic district. There are numerous stores offering religious goods, trinkets, and regional handicrafts in the busy market area surrounding the temple. The temple is renowned for its regular rites and rituals, such as the Mangala Aarti (morning prayer), Bhog Aarti (giving food to the goddess), and Shringar Aarti (evening prayer).Sarnath is renowned for its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in addition to its historical and religious significance, which makes it a well-liked location for meditation retreats. The village offers stunning views of the Ganges river and the surrounding city of Varanasi and is surrounded by verdant greenery. From Varanasi, Sarnath is easily reached by road and train. Tourists have access to a variety of guided tours and modes of transportation. The best season to visit Sarnath is from November to February, when the town is considerably less congested and the weather is cold and pleasant.

Package Hotel

3 Star or 4 Star Hotel with breakfast

Package Inclusions
  • Cab
  • Guide
  • Driver
  • Hotel
Package Exclusions
  • Camera
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