Places to Visit in Sasaram

Sasaram is one of the most popular places for the tourist to visit. It is known for the historical monuments. The name Sasaram has come from the king whose name was kartavirya sahasrarjuna. The tourist attraction in Sasaram is the Samrat Ashoka pillar and the other tourist place in Sasaram is the rohtaas fort. It was also considered as the business hub in the earlier century. There are many places to visit Sasaram Maa Tara Chandi temple, rohtaas temple, and many more. Aurangabad is also famous for the temples and the monuments of history. Aurangabad has also played a very important role in the independence of India. Mohania is famous because of the hanuman temple which is built there. You can travel this place either by road, air, rail. You should visit this place during the month of July to October. Sightseeing, sher shah Suri fort and there are many things to do in Sasaram.

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The Sher Shah Suri Tomb

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Dhua Kund 


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