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Being a popular tourist destination Rajgir flaunts a number of hotels and Rest Houses for every type of traveler. Hotels welcome Single, married or unmarried couples and large families in tastefully decorated rooms. Right from economy to budget-friendly and luxury hotels are available here, all easily approachable.There are also very cheap hotels in Rajgir.The Rajgir Hotel Room Price starts as low as Rs 375 and goes further up. Luxury hotels charge can go up to Rs 2500. It all depends on how luxurious room you are looking for. Most of the amenities are provided like Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, hot and cold water, TV and parking. Most of these hotels are near the Rajgir Railway Station. BiharTrip can handle all your hotel bookings in your budget. Festive season sees huge rush, hence we ask you to contact us as early as possible and we guarantee that we will book your choice of hotels. There is also a bus station to cater to nearby villages.


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Rajgir Tourist Places

Tourists can book Pandu Pokhar Eco-adventure Resort in advance. Simply call us and we will make all the arrangements. It is just over two kilometers from Nalanda University. There are also 5 star hotels in Rajgir and we have good contacts there as well, which you can easily use. We request you to give us a chance to serve you well.

Did you know Rajgir was famously known as the City of Kings and had the Nalanda University too? It is revered by Hindu, Jain and Buddhist followers. Rajgir is one of the holiest cities in Bihar is located in a beautiful valley and surrounded by tall, lush green forest. Locals say that Lord Buddha spent many years at the Jivekarmavan Monastery and prefer to call it a Buddhism related city. Rajgir is also home for many Jain Temples and huge footfalls are seen thronging these monuments. Not to forget are the warm ponds where people take plunge for curing their skin and other related ailments. Tourists should make it a point to visit the Saptaparni Cave, which happens to be the source of how water springs. The nearby Venu Van, constructed by Bimbisar, which is an artificial forest, suits all looking for meditation as the surroundings are peaceful and calm.

The Rajgir Ropeway boasts as the oldest one and takes you 1000 feet above ground allowing stunning views of the picturesque Pant Wildlife Sanctuary with varied flora and fauna, which catch your attention. Not only this, the view of the nearby peaks of Udaygiri, Sonagiri, Vaibhagiri and Vipalachal mesmerizes you for sure. The ropeway is maintained well and its operation is smooth.

The manmade caves made from a single rock, the Swarna Bhandar compulsorily needs a visit. Near Swarna Bhandar, the Maniyar Math attracts you with a deep well on which a Jain Temple is erected. This is built with cylinder type bricks that will surprise you for sure. The Vishwa Shanti Stupa stands tall at 400 meters, constructed of white marble and each corner boasts of golden Buddha sculptures making it a magnificent monument.

Veerayatan Museum, which displays history of each of the 24 Jain Tirthankars and boasts of an ornate dollhouse with three-dimensional depictions carved out of wood and metal, is something, which every tourist should make it a point to visit.

Similar to China Wall, a structure, which was 4 meter wide and 40 km long meant to fortify the city, was constructed over 2500 years ago. Though it is in ruins, this cement less wonder encircles the city. Visit it once to admire how qualified our medieval architects were.



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