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Rajgir, an ancient city, known as the first capital of Magadha notable for Buddhism and Jainism, it is popular for delightful classical landscapes. Visit at large Stupa of white colour of Buddha mounted in four directions have a small Japanese Buddhist with a large Park. Experience the thrill of sky walking, at Glass Bridge being laid amidst five rocky hills and the oldest ropeway in India can be a wonderful day trip in the cradle of scenery. Cherish a small day tour with kids at Pandu Pokhar, activities like a game for kids, boating, and much more exciting things to do for adults too. Swarna bhandar, it is popular known place, used to be a treasure trove during ancient times. The place Where Lord Buddha meditates, the Venu Van is a pleasant garden which has a pond and several trees, make a peaceful environment. Some more exciting place like Cyclopean Wall, Hot springs, GhoraKatora Lake and Bimbisar's Treasury are the places you can explore at Rajgir.

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In the state of Bihar, Rajgir is a place of the historic importance. It is in the district of Nalanda. Addition to the historical site, Rajgir is the religious site of both Jainism and Buddhism, as this region is said to be linked with both Mahavir and Gautama Buddha. At the center of the city are the remains of an old wall that surrounded the old city countless centuries ago. In Nalanda district of Bihar, Rajgir was the capital of Magadha, the state that finally progressed into a famous empire well-known as Mauryan Empire, till the 5th century BC. So, most of the sites in Rajgir fascinating the tourists are either religious or historical places. Visiting Rajgir and not visiting any one of them would be an inordinate loss. Listed below some popular tourist places in Rajgir.


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Viswa Shanti Stupa Rajgir

On the top of the Gridhakuta Hill, the Vishwa Shanti Stupa is location at a height of 400m was built by the Japanese as the monument that was a sign of world peace. The 4 Buddha statues denotes 4 imperative events in the life of Lord Buddha, Vishwa Shanti Stupa also well-known as the Gridhakuta is one of the Top Tourist Places Rajgir, admissible by the cable cars. There is also a temple or pagoda where the prayers are controlled for universal peace.

Glass Bridge

The glass floor bridge is one of the best places to visit in Rajgir which is most exciting architectural wonders, a huge sky whose superior features is transparent floor. The Bridge is said to be nearby 85 feet long and 6 feet broad. Located inside the Nature Safari Park, it is one of the must-visit places throughout the Rajgir tour. Although, the bridge is being build amid 5 picturesque hills across the Rajgir area of Bihar.

Rajgir Ropeway

The Rajgir Ropeway is touted as the oldest ropeway across India. It is one of the most places to visit in Rajgir, visitors will find in this ropeway an accurately great experience, more like ad adventure which will lead you to the very top of the attractive Ratnagiri Hill that houses the well- known Peace Pagoda also well-known as the Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

Pandu Pokhar

Swarn Bhandar

Swarna Bhandar is also known as Son Bhandar caves are a set of two artificial caves engraved out of an individual massive rock. It is one of the best places to visit in Rajgir as the main cave was constructed during the Mauryan Empire and has a votive Jain stele inside.

Venu Van

The Bamboo Forest is the Venu Vana, gifted by Magadha King Bimbisara to the Lord Buddha approx. 2500 years ago and it is said to be one of Buddha’s favorite places throughout his stay there. If you leave by the rear gate, you could visit the Buddha Temple also. The park is best place to visit in Rajgir for walking, sitting as well as meditating.

Cyclopean Wall

The Cyclopean Wall are walls of nearby 4m width that date back to 2500 years ago and of nearby 40km in length these walls enclose the city. Cyclopean wall is one of the best places to visit in Rajgir as Mauryans had construct these walls with the aim of fortifying the city.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs are in the abundance across Rajgir. All of them are measured to be sacred places for Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. Being the sacred site for Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus, Rajgir is certainly a key tourist destination across India. Additionally, it is one of the prominent places to visit in Rajgir as it links to ancient India along with Mahavira and Lord Buddha.

Ghora Katora lake

Near Rajgir, Ghora Katora Lake is very lovely and mesmerising place. Tourist believe it is one of the Top Tourist Places Rajgir as the first glimpse itself take your heart away. The lake looks picturesque and is perfect for strolling around it and taking the fascinating images.

Bimbisar's Treasury

It is located 2 km from the Swarn Bhandar and 5km from the railway station of Rajgir. Bimbisar’s Treasury is believed to be the place where the Bimbisara’s son, King Ajatshatru, locked it. It is one of the finest places to visit in Rajgir where the tourist gathers to observe the fragments of the rich history of India.

So far, we discoursed the best places to visit in Rajgir, which also entails information concerning the finest places to visit in Rajgir and some top tourist places Rajgir.



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