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Welcome to Bodhgaya, where Lord Buddha attained his enlightenment. For most, this is the holiest place to be as the tree, under which this attainment happened, is still alive and known as Bodhi tree. Did you know BiharTrip is the best portal for Online Hotel Booking in Bodhgaya? The reason is very simple. Unlike us, most other travel portals mislead, but only we suggest hotels near Bodh Gaya Temple, that provide best services to their clients. We pay hotels the maximum, which not only helps them give other amenities; they also treat you well, much better than when clients arrive from other operators.


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You are at the right place as Buddha Purnima is just around the corner, and Bodhgaya is the place where it is celebrated with much fervour with thousands of devotees throng here. This is an event to watch as footfalls increase tremendously and the excitement is in the air. Among other places of interest, the 80 feet tall statue of Lord Buddha captures everyone’s imagination. In addition, there is the Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum and the most popular Archaeological Museum, which shows the nearby excavations shedding light on various artefacts. There are also some monasteries and temples which were contributed by ancient visitors to Bodhgaya and they should be on your tour program.

Amenities Offered By Hotels in Bodhgaya

Anyone and everyone is welcome to stay at the Hotels in Bodh Gaya. Our Bodh Gaya Hotel Booking is the easiest and comes with many amenities like Wi-Fi, Hot and Cold water, Air-conditioning and comfortable beds and rooms. We provide hotels for singles, couples and for families too. We have special arrangements for large gatherings and parties as well. You just need to ask and we will get it done. Please make sure everyone carries their identity proofs and other related documents, as we will need them when you book online, and when you arrive at the hotel or Rest Houses etc.

Advance Hotel Booking Facility in Bodhgaya

It is always advisable to book in advance as rates do climb on weekends and other festivals. We have the list of top hotels in Bodhgaya. We recommend you to contact us in time, so that we can offer maximum list of hotels and that too, with discounted rates. Advance booking also helps us to ensure the room is ready to welcome you. Bihar Trip is the most reputed name and we are proud to have accomplished this. Most of our clients spread our name through word of mouth recommendations and no wonder, our guest and clients list keeps growing.

Budget Travel Accommodation

Bodhgaya boasts of all-star accommodation including Hotel Bodhgaya and other Rest Houses for those looking for budget-friendly stay. Even there is variety to choose from the list.

Other Tourist Attractions in Bodhgaya

Being a tourist attraction, there are many tourist spots like those that Bagh Devi Temple, Thai Monastery and then the Root Institute are famous. Royal Bhutan Monastery, Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple, Dungeswari Hills, Metta Buddharam Temple, Muchalinda Lake, Sujata Temple and Cankamana, the seat of Lord Buddha and the Burmese Vihara Monastery, Ajpala Nigrodha Tree and then the Vietnamese Temple and Animesh Lochana Chaitya shrine are the main attractions. For those looking for shopping, Bhutia Market is the place to be. For movie enthusiasts, Anand Cinema is there to entertain. Bodhgaya is full of energy and just like other tourists, you definitely benefit from it. This positive energy will transform you from within. You just need to try visiting Bodhgaya. Bihar Trip also arranges custom sightseeing package tours for Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Patna and all other cities of tourist interest.



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