Bodhgaya Tour Package From Patna

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  • Full Day 4 Person With Luxury Cab From Patna Rs.4500 | $61.39
  • Full Day 5/6 Person With Triber From Patna Rs.5500 | $67.52
  • Full Day 5/6/7 Person With Innova From Patna Rs.6000 | $73.66
  • Full Day 5/6/7 Person With Innova crysta From Patna Rs.6500 | $79.80
  • 3 Days 2 Night With Couple With Luxury Cab & Hotel & Best Guide Rs.20,000 | $245.54
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Cab Pickup Location Patna Airport | Patna Junction | Hotel | Home
Package Overview

Bodhgaya is a very wonderful place in the Gaya district in the state of Bihar. It is one of the pilgrimage areas. This place is known for the buddha. Bodhgaya is a pilgrimage place for both Buddhists and Hindus. Various sculptures are found in this area which are showing the site that was used by the Buddhists during the Mauryan time. This place is a very important place for Buddhists from the four pilgrimage places of the Buddhist. There are various places in the Bodhgaya which is very much important to visit and different places are having different stories about lord buddha. These places are very much beautiful and give various messages to the people. The people would not be facing any problems while traveling and their minds would be relaxed after visiting these places. There are different tour packages available for the visitors.

Package Duration 3 Days - 2 Nights
Package Itinerary

Day - 1

  1. Our executive will pick up you at airport or patna Jn by our cab and leave to hotel. After some rest, We go to city tour in patna.

Sightseeing Day - 2

  1. Day 2 we will got to bodhgaya and after reach leave luggage to hotel. After some rest we will start to seen Sight.
  2. Mahabodhi temple: The Mahabodhi temple is 110 km away from Patna where the diamond throne and the bodhi tree are found. The tree which is found here is just like a sapling of the tree which is found in Sri Lanka. It was grown on its own but it was claimed earlier that it was the sapling of the original tree. Ashoka also visited Bodhgaya with a great desire for a monastery in that area. The temple is made from the marbles and bricks which are still such from the Gupta period. At the center of the temple after 50 m there are various spiritual towers, vajrasana, and sacred stupas. The platform of the temple is made from sandstone. The temple has a statue of the lord buddha which is in the position he used to give enlightenment to the Buddha. The figure inside the temple is facing the east. There is a stone which has the footsteps of the buddha and a figure which is looking toward the buddhas who are worshiping.
  3. Bodhi tree: The bodhi tree is considered another part of Bodhgaya tourism. The people who are following Buddhists are having the one thought in their mind when they used to worship under the bodhi tree which is “may buddha's peace would be yours”. This tree is easily visible and distinguished as this tree is having a heart-shaped leaf. The Buddhists who used to worship used to create a path defined by the lotus. This path is very much important for Buddhists. The path is also recognized by the name jewel walk. It was one of the old sayings that lord buddha had sat for 49 days with their back straight and when they got up from that place there was a small spot of light which was seen by the Buddhists at that time. In this place, a huge festival is celebrated to pay homage to his presence of him. Ashoka also pays shrine to this place on the regular basis. It was well-saying that the Ashoka’s wife got the tree cut but it grows to own its own at that place in a single second. It is the best place everyone should visit this place and do not forget to leave it when you are visiting Bodhgaya.
  4. The great buddha statue: One of the tallest Buddha statues is also found in Bodhgaya. The statue is almost 80 feet big. The establishment of the great Buddha statue was on 18th November 1989. The statue nowadays has become the symbol of the holy place. Many people used to visit this place in large quantities. This place is found near the Mahabodhi temple. It is also known by the name 80-foot Buddha statue. The person who was making this statue took seven years with the help of 120,000 people.
  5. Royal buddha monastery: The royal buddha monastery was given as a present to the buddha. This was given by the king of Bhutan. The monastery has three tiers which have a wonderful color combination that makes it glorious. Many people from different areas used to visit this place. In this place, there is a statue of Buddha which is 7 feet, and many other clay carvings of the Lord buddha. There are various carvings on the walls which give this place a special look. Stones are also put on the way to the Lord Buddha statue. Visitors who are visiting this place are provided with the 24 hours AC services and some information about the Buddhist teachings and meditations. This place does not have any entry fees and is open 7 days a week. People can visit this place any time whenever they want to visit. This is a very beautiful place and a person would be getting a peaceful environment from the regular schedule. Visitors must visit this place whenever they come to Bodhgaya.

Sightseeing Day - 3

  1. Falgu river: One of the trains which is named the IRCTC tourist train used to take tourists to the Falgu River. It is considered the most important river of the Bodhgaya. It was also known by the name Niranjana River in ancient times. This river is mainly used to pay last rites to the ancestors of the departed souls. It is an essential river that a person should visit when they are on the tourism in Bodhgaya. The Buddha used to meditate in this place a few times. The old saying believed that one day a woman went to Lord Buddha and said that he is just a common man to her. Then also Buddha doesn’t break his meditation. She also placed a bowl in front of him and said that if the person is a buddha then the bowl will go upstream, if the person is a common man, then the bowl will be going downstream. After some time, Lord Buddha broke his meditation and gave her an answer by putting the bowl in the stream very gently. The bowl went upstream and the woman was very much shocked. She then hailed him as she got the answer that he is a divine person.
  2. Griddhakuta peak: This peak is also known by the name holy eagle peak which is found in the Rajgir. In this place, various works done by the Buddhists are shown. It is known as the eagle peak because it just looks very similar to the eagle sitting on the rock with his wings folded. This is the place where Buddhists used to do prayers and learn new techniques. Buddhists started their second law in this place.
  3. Nalanda University: Nalanda University is one of the oldest universities which is found in this area and provides students with various Buddhist studies. It is one of the international universities which is found in the Nalanda district of Bihar. Various cultures and traditions are taught to the students. It was the first residential university in India. This university has become the world’s most famous university in ancient times. The faculties who are working under the university have revered scholarships of Mahayana Buddhists. This institute is listed as an institute of national importance by the government. Nalanda university is located 10 km away from the Rajgir district.
  4. Metta Buddharam Temple
  5. Daijokyo Buddist Temple
  6. Sujata Stupa
  7. Japanese Temple, Bodhgaya
  8. Karma Temple
  9. Archaeological Museum Bodhgaya
  10. Indosan Nipponji
  11. Bodhgaya water park
  12. Muchalinda Lake Road
  13. Wat Thai Buddhagaya
Package Hotel

Marasa Sarovar Premiere ( 5-star hotel ) has accommodation with a restaurant, free parking, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness Gym

Package Inclusions
  • The travelers would be provided with AC transport so that they should not face any problems while traveling.
  • Lunch and refreshments are also provided to the people in between the routes declared by them.
  • The fees of the monuments are also included in the fees. If the people wanted an English speaking guide, then they would be provided with the guide and extra charges would be taken for that.
  • Customers are provided with hotel pick-up and drop facilities so that they have a comfortable stay during their trip.
  • If the customers require a bottle of water, then they are also provided with it.

Departure and return policy:

Various departure locations are available and the travelers can choose one of the locations which are suiting best. Every traveler has to reach the destination 30 minutes before so that no one would be in doubt. You can even keep in contact with the drivers for the location and timings. All the travelers would be picked up from the hotel between 7 to 7:30 P.M.

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Various transport facilities are provided to the people so that they are having a comfortable stay in Bodhgaya. They would be provided with a guide so that they can travel comfortably. You may even send the query if the people are facing any issues related to the booking facilities.

Package Cancellation Policy

The travelers want to cancel the tour package then they must cancel the package within 24 hours of booking. If the cancellation is done 24 hours, then the payment would be refunded fully. If the cancellation is made because of the bad weather conditions then they would be provided with another time and date for experiencing the tour or may refund the full payment without any argument.

Package Terms & Conditions
  1. A confirmation would be sent to the travelers when they have done booking.
  2. A wheelchair would not be provided to the people who are traveling if they want then they have to carry it along with them.
  3. It is must available near the public transport.
  4. If the passengers are having small children with them then they have to make them sit on your lap.
  5. The passengers who are having back problems then they must not travel through it.
  6. It is also not recommended for the passengers who are pregnant.
  7. The travelers should not have heart problems or any other medical issues which is serious.
  8. The passengers must be physically fit and even mentally.
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