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Extra Ticket - Rajgir Zoo Safari - Rs 300/- & Nature Safari - Rs 200/- & Ropeway Vishwa Shanti Stupa - Rs 160/- & Ghora Katora with boating

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Rajgir is town where the air that surrounds its beautiful sceneries carries hints of spirituality and the vibrant hues of the history with associates with both Jainism and Buddhism. It is set in a green valley and enclosed by the rocky hills, Rajgir is the spiritual town with the natural serenity amongst the dense forests, mysterious springs and caves. Rajgir houses several religious destinations which are majorly enthusiastic to either Jainism or Buddhism. Both Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha have said to spent time here carrying it enormous spiritual and religious importance. One can visit several ruins, sites and temples here and also spend some time indulging in its inspirational calmness.

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Sightseeing Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


  • VISWA SHANTI STUPA RAJGIR:- Viswa Shanti Stupa Rajgir is a prominent Buddhist pilgrim site. It is positioned on the Ratnagiri hill. It is the white beauty presenting the 4 periods of Buddha’s life through 4 golden statues of Lord Buddha. The Peace Pagoda is said to be constructed by the Japanese Buddhist monk, Nipponzan Myohoji during 1969. This stupa is the world’s greatest Peace Pagoda and considered as the sign of harmony and peace.
  • RAJGIR NATURE SAFARI:-  The nature safari spread over an area nearby 500 hectare, is positioned in Rajgir- Jethian Path between the Vaibhagiri and Songiri mountain across the forest area. Adventure lovers can relish the zip lining or flying fox activities, Sky biking and several recreational activities at Nature Safari. The Nature Safari, boasting of a variability of flora and fauna has already been known.
  • SKY GLASS BRIDGE:The first Glass sky walk of the country is opened in Bihar's Rajgir Forest, in a bid to fascinate both local and international tourists. Along with this, the state-of-the-art suspension bridge is also opened to the universal public.
  • GHORA KATORA LAKE:- The Ghora Katora Lake, positioned off-road in Rajgir derives its name, which means a ¥horse bowl' from its own shape which is like a horse. This area is an excellent picnic spot and is well-known for being one of the freshest sight-seeing locations across Rajgir. Very much treasured by the locals, the lake is positioned at the same place where it is supposed that Jarasandha from Mahabharata had his stable.
  • JAPANESE TEMPLE RAJGIR:- Japanese Stupa is a better-known travel attraction across Rajgir, Bihar. As its name predicts, it is installed by the Japanese Buddha Sangha. It is a white dome carved out of the marble. The stupa is initiated in Japanese architecture and is enthusiastic to Lord Buddha. It is prepared with the idols of the Lord Buddha in the meditation posture in all four guidelines.
  • VENU VAN:- Venu Vana is an artificial forest, a sanctuary for relishing peace and meditation. It is an attractive cloister generated by emperor Bimbisara for Lord Buddha. The Venu Vana has a hermitage. The park is the seamless place for sitting, walking as well as meditating. Buddha bathed across the lake which is inside the park. Try to feel the sensations of this beautiful residence which has seen Buddha more than 2000 years ago.
  • CYCLOPEAN WALL:- Cyclopean Wall was meant for the fortification of the capital city of the Rajgir. It is a kind of stone wall built with gigantic limestone boulders similar to Mycenaean architecture. This Pre-Maurayan structure does not prevail in its glorious form, but its traces avowal the grandeur of its presence during ancient times.
  • SWARN BHANDAR:- It is to be said that it has unseen treasure of ancient times golds and jewellary. It is secretive and lots of ancient stories have been connected to it. Several attempts entailing blowing up the completer structure in British Period went to vain and thus the treasure is still traceless. It is properly managed, neat and clean so one must visit this man made cave across the mountains.
  • BIMBISAR JAIL:- Bimbisar was jailed by his own son Ajatsatru for bring over helping the Buddhist fraternity. Ajatsatru had commitment with Jainism. When Ajatsatru was ready to discharge him, Bimbisar thought his son was to implement him. Hence, he committed the suicide in jail before he could be discharged. He chose this place for his imprisonment so that he could continuously see one mount dedicated to Mahavir and another mount enthusiastic to the Buddha.
  • RAJGIR ROPEWAY:- Said to be the eldest ropeway across India, the Rajgir ropeway line is a delightful excursion in the cradle of nature. It is the only ropeway in existence in the state of Bihar. The individual person seater rope line is a thrilling adventure that leads you all the way to the highest of the scenic Ratnagiri Hill which houses the celebrated Vishwa Shanti Stupa, also well-known as the Peace Pagoda. The chairlift ropeway rises to a height of over 1000 feet from ground level and is an electrifying ride to undertake. The ropeway provides access to the Buddhist memorabilia and constructions of a bygone era on the hilltop, coupled with attractive views, there's nothing more you can ask for!

Places and Attraction in Nalanda

  • Ruins of Nalanda University
  • Jal Mandir Pawapuri

 So far, we discoursed the prominent places to visit across the Rajgir, which entails information concerning the superlative places across Rajgir and some finest places to visit in Rajgir.

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