Places to Visit in Madhubani

Madhu Bani is one of the tourist places. The Madhu Bani is retrieved from the word- “forest of money”. The ancient arts and the villages are some of the tourist attractions in Madhu Bani. The old religion of this place says that the wedding of the raja Janak's daughter with Lord Rama was held here. The arts found in this place are mostly of goddesses, gods, and nature. the climatic conditions of the Madhu Bani are extremely hot and wet. There are many tourist places in Madhu Bani which are as follows: Saurath- it is one of the villages which is becoming the tourist attraction in Madhu Bani. It is known for the Somnath Mahadeva temple.  Bhawanipur- it is the biggest village which is also known for the temple of ugaranath. The religion of them says that the vidyapati was also the devotee of the lord shiva and he was known by the name ugana. Madhu Bani is also known for the arts made on the mud walls but now the women are drawing these arts on the cotton textiles and even on handmade paper.

The Saurath

Nagar Fort


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