Places to Visit in Bodhgaya

The Birthplace of Buddhism, Bodhgaya is a town where chanting and prayers are in every corner. The place where Mahabodhi Temple is situated one of the holiest and ancient temple built by the Emperor. Ashoka and Muchalinda Pond a peaceful spot yet the most historical place near Mahabodhi Temple. One of the most popular spots is the Giant Buddha statue seated in meditation pose on a Lotus in the open air. The place where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment about 2600 years back is Royal Bhutan Monastery. The Metta Buddharam Temple the silver temple is an incredible piece of architecture and an ancient cave where Buddha performed austerities for six years before he attained enlightenment. Tibetan Buddhism acquired a considerable lot of the customs of late Indian Buddhism including strong significance on monasticism. Some more incredible and peaceful places to explore in Bodhgaya are like WatThaiBuddhagaya, Tergar Monastery, Karma Temple, IndosanNipponji and Burmese Monastery.

Mahabodhi Temple

Giant Buddha

Royal Bhutan Monastery

Metta Buddharam Temple

Wat Thai Buddhagaya

Tibetan Temple

Tergar Monastery

Dungeshwari Cave Temple

Karma Temple

Muchalinda Pond

Indosan Nipponji

Burmese Monastery


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