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Patna is the most preferred tourist destination and it always overflows. Hotels galore in all price ranges from budget to luxury for singles, unmarried couples, families and large gatherings respectively. The rooms available are single, double, coupe and halls with dormitory setting. To get the hotel of your choice and at perfect location, we urge you to contact us as early as possible with full details of your party and we guarantee you the most affordable and best hotel and that too, on convenient location.


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Cheap and Best Price Hotels in Patna

Low price hotels in Patna are available for dime and dozen, and with attractive facilities, which a budget family needs. Some of them are near the Railway Station or the most popular bus stand. Some even serve as bed and breakfast hotels, which is a great convenience for tourists. Most of these low cost hotels in Patna are near to cheap and best eateries and restaurants serving multiple cuisines.

Couple Friendly Hotels in Patna

Married or unmarried couples often visit Patna and we have special arrangements for their stay. Our couple friendly hotels in Patna are available at over a dozen locations with amenities like Wi-Fi, hot and cold water, water bottle in room and other benefits. Some of the hotels also provide safe parking and a lawn for strolling in the evening. The list of hotels for couples in Patna is a huge one as they form one of our best patrons.

3 Star & 4 Star Hotels in Patna

We have full range of 3 star, 4 star and even 5 star hotels on our list. All give you best value for money and include swimming pool, snooker tables and other indoor games like Table Tennis. They also have dedicated cafeteria serving multiple cuisines.

Booking an OYO Hotel in Patna

OYO hotels have big demand in Patna and are almost overbooked. However, we have the full list of their hotels in all locations, from secluded to main bazaars and suitable for all including multi-family rooms. The room rents start from Rs 450 onwards. If you prefer OYO Hotel in Patna, we can get you as per your need and choice of ground, first floor or second floor rooms. Please indicate your preference and we will get you the rooms always. Rest assured, Uttarpradesh Trip would take care of all your needs. It is this word-of-mouth recommendation, which is the main reason our clients speak so nice about our services.

Patna Hotel Booking Facility

What was once known as Pataliputra, this majestic city is now called Patna. It boasts of four railway stations namely, Rajendranagar, Gulzarbagh, Danapur and Patna Sahib respectively alongside its main station Patna Junction, which sees maximum footfall and is one of the busiest stations in the country. Patna oversees a major network of highways crisscrossing with other states. Located Hotel in just 5 km from main Patna  city, Jayprakash Narain Airport is among the closest. This means arriving to the city from the airport takes almost no time.

Situated on the banks of Ganga River, it has proximity to four other rivers namely, Ghagra, Sone, Gandak and Punpun. It is the largest riverine city in the world and admired by all. The Mahatma Gandhi Setu built over Ganga River extends to 5575 meters. It holds a wonderful sight no doubt. Patna is a metropolitan city with one of the most diverse ethnicities and vibrant historical ties in our country. Patna also boasts of some fantastic tourist spots like the Patna Museum, Planetarium and Funtasia Island.

Patna's hotels has something of interest for everyone and no wonder tourists flock to this place the whole year around. Other places of interests include Harmandir Sahib Ji, Gurudwara Hundi Sahib, Kali Mandir at Darbhanga House, Jalan Museum, Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Iskon Temple, Surya Mandir, Patan Devi Temple, Srikrishna Science Center and there are a dozen more. As you can see, for tourists there more than two dozen reasons to visit this famous city of Patna. It is the most fantastic and fabulous place to visit Patna either for a short or long duration with friends and family. Patna affords a range of quality hotels for everyone as per their budget and length of holiday.



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