Patna Mahavir Hanuman Mandir Tour

Located in the center of Patna, Bihar, the Patna Hanuman Mandir, also called the Mahavir Mandir, is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Hanuman, the monkey god. This temple attracts tourists from all across the nation because of its great significance to both pilgrims and residents.

The religious and cultural fabric of Patna plays a significant role in the history of the Patna Hanuman Mandir. Early in the 20th century, a well-known saint and spiritual guide named Swami Kalyan Dev Ji Maharaj had the idea and built the temple. The temple was dedicated in 1987 after the foundation stone was placed in 1983.

Due to its ideal location close to Patna Junction railway station, the temple is easily accessible to both pilgrims and visitors to the city. The temple's popularity has been aided by its central location, which has also made it a hub for religious and cultural events.

The Patna Hanuman Mandir's architecture combines traditional and modern design elements. Visitors are drawn in by the temple's elaborate sculptures and tall spires, which are embellished with white marble. The statue of Lord Hanuman, a powerful and majestic deity who exudes strength and devotion, is kept in the main shrine.

The temple complex is built to hold a large number of worshippers, and its roomy courtyards and passageways offer a calm setting for meditation and prayer. The main prayer hall is decorated with colorful sculptures and paintings that represent scenes from the epic Ramayana, which tells the story of Lord Rama's life and exploits. Hanuman has a sacred and profound bond with Lord Rama.

Lord Hanuman who come to seek his blessings and protection have a particular place in their hearts for the Patna Hanuman Mandir. Renowned for his steadfast loyalty to Lord Rama, Hanuman is revered as a representation of bravery, strength, and selfless service. Hanuman is revered for his ability to grant strength, knowledge, and protection from harm. The idea that Lord Hanuman shields Patna from all natural disasters is one of the temple's distinctive features. Invoking Hanuman's blessings for the prosperity of the city and its citizens, unique prayers and rituals are performed at the temple, which is frequently thought of as a guardian deity for Patna's citizens.

When at the Patna Hanuman Mandir, devotees participate in a variety of devotional rituals as a way of showing their love and respect for Lord Hanuman. A mood of spiritual intensity is created at the temple by the reciting of the Hanuman Chalisa, a song written in praise of Hanuman. The devotional recitation of the words is thought to evoke Hanuman's celestial presence and comfort the devout. The temple offers special events and ceremonies in addition to its usual prayers during Hanuman-focused festivals, like Hanuman Jayanti. Many devotees congregate during these festivities to take part in processions, bhajans (devotional songs), and other religious events.

The Patna Hanuman Mandir is actively involved in a number of humanitarian projects in addition to its spiritual significance. Under the direction of the Mahavir Mandir Trust, the temple administration carries out charitable endeavors like offering medical treatment, education, and assistance during natural calamities. Underprivileged people can receive medical care at a charitable hospital run by the Mahavir Mandir Trust. In order to assist pupils from low-income families, the temple also offers educational programs and scholarships. These projects demonstrate the temple's dedication to giving back to the community and living up to Lord Hanuman's teachings of compassion and selfless service.

The Patna Hanuman Mandir celebrates a variety of colorful and fervent celebrations. The significant festival of Hanuman Jayanti, which honors Lord Hanuman's birthday, draws throngs of followers. An idol of Hanuman is paraded through Patna's streets in a magnificent procession, and the temple is decked out with lights and decorations. The temple is lit up with candles and lamps during Diwali, the festival of lights, making for a captivating picture. The temple is packed with devotees who come to pray and ask Lord Hanuman for wealth and well-being.



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